10.45 am Sunday Mass



26th November 2017 – 11th March 2018 inclusive

Please note that as Fr William will normally concelebrate at Mass, only four Eucharistic Ministers are required


10.45am Sunday Mass Ministers of the Word Ministers of the Eucharist
26th November 2017

Feast of Christ The King

Gerry Cairns Kate Scott Albert Maher
Maura Hamill Biddy Maher Gemma Swatridge
Colleen Flood    
3rd December

1st Sunday of Advent

Madeline Stones Maura Hamill Phil Swatridge
Benjamin Lanne Ann Lumb Stephanie Burland
Radene Price    
10th December

2nd Sunday of Advent

Norman Hazell John Moran Lorraine Williams
Richard Atkinson David Hopkins Gemma Swatridge
Gillian Lammas    
17th December

3rd Sunday of Advent

Gemma Swatridge Biddy Maher Maura Hamill
Mary Swatridge Kate Scott Albert Maher
Sue Irving    
NB – NO 10.45am MASS ON 24th DECEMBER      
31st December

The Holy Family

Kate Scott Phil Swatridge Ann Lumb
Liz Maher Stephanie Burland David Hopkins
Albert Maher    
7th January 2018


Colleen Flood John Moran Lorraine Williams
Gerry Cairns Albert Maher Gemma Swatridge
Maura Hamill    
14th January

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Radene Price Daniel Swatridge Kate Scott
Madeline Stones Biddy Maher Maura Hamill
Benjamin Lanne    
21st January

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gillian Lammas Phil Swatridge Ann Lumb
Daniel Swatridge Stephanie Burland David Hopkins
Richard Atkinson    
28th January

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sue Irving John Moran Lorraine Williams
Norman Hazell Albert Maher Gemma Swatridge
Mary Swatridge    
4th February

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Albert Maher Daniel Swatridge Kate Scott
Gemma Swatridge Biddy Maher Maura Hamill
Liz Maher    
11th February

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Maura Hamill Phil Swatridge Ann Lumb
Kate Scott Stephanie Burland David Hopkins
Gerry Cairns    
18th February

1st Sunday of Lent

Benjamin Lanne John Moran Lorraine Williams
Colleen Flood Albert Maher Gemma Swatridge
Madeline Stones    
25th February

2nd Sunday of Lent

Richard Atkinson Phil Swatridge Kate Scott
Radene Price Biddy Maher Maura Hamill
Daniel Swatridge    
4th March

3rd Sunday of Lent

Mary Swatridge Daniel Swatridge Ann Lumb
Gillian Lammas Stephanie Burland David Hopkins
Norman Hazell    
11th March

4th Sunday of Lent

Liz Maher John Moran Lorraine Williams
Sue Irving Gemma Swatridge Biddy Maher
Albert Maher