5pm Vigil Mass

Church of St Peter & St Paul

 5th August – 18th November 2017 inclusive


5pm Saturday Vigil Ministers of the Word Ministers of the Eucharist
5th August

Transfiguration of The Lord

Joanna Shires Rebecca Horsley Dominic Mulroy
Simon Shires Angela Kennedy Angela Wade
Josie Worrall Bob Kennedy  
12th August

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dominic Williams Susan Jameson Sheila Fish
Angela Kennedy Josie Walsh Tony Granelli
Ann Nicholson Terry Walsh  
19th August

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eamon McQuoid Michael Dearlove Lynette Smith
Anthony McGilloway Dominic Williams Kath Snaith
Anne Parkes Claire Cade  
26th August

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Maureen Mortimer Sandra Mahon Anthony McGilloway
Sue Jameson Peter Mahon Julie McGilloway
Richard Atkinson Josie Worrall  
2nd September

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dominic Mulroy Eamon McQuoid Dorothy Atkinson
Josie Walsh Sandra Handy John Atkinson
Terry Walsh Lawrence Handy  
9th September

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Josie Worrall Anne Parkes Maureen Mortimer
Joanna Shires Angela Kennedy Dominic Mulroy
Simon Shires Bob Kennedy  
16th September

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ann Nicholson Rebecca Horsley Angela Wade
Dominic Williams Josie Walsh Tony Granelli
Angela Kennedy Terry Walsh  
23rd September

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Anne Parkes Susan Jameson Sheila Fish
Eamon McQuoid Michael Dearlove Claire Cade
Anthony McGilloway Dominic Williams  
30th September

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Richard Atkinson Lynette Smith Sandra Mahon
Maureen Mortimer Kath Snaith Peter Mahon
Sue Jameson Josie Worrall  
7th October

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Terry Walsh Anthony McGilloway Sandra Handy
Dominic Mulroy Julie McGilloway Lawrence Handy
Josie Walsh Eamon McQuoid  
14th October

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Simon Shires Dorothy Atkinson Maureen Mortimer
Josie Worrall John Atkinson Dominic Mulroy
Joanna Shires Anne Parkes  
21st October

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Angela Kennedy Rebecca Horsley Angela Wade
Ann Nicholson Josie Walsh Tony Granelli
Dominic Williams Terry Walsh  
28th October

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Anthony McGilloway Angela Kennedy Michael Dearlove
Anne Parkes Bob Kennedy Dominic Williams
Eamon McQuoid Susan Jameson  
4th November

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sue Jameson Sheila Fish Sandra Mahon
Richard Atkinson Claire Cade Peter Mahon
Maureen Mortimer Lynette Smith  
11th November

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Josie Walsh Kath Snaith Anthony McGilloway
Terry Walsh Josie Worrall Julie McGilloway
Dominic Mulroy Eamon McQuoid  
18th November

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Joanna Shires Sandra Handy Dorothy Atkinson
Simon Shires Lawrence Handy John Atkinson
Josie Worrall Maureen Mortimer