9am Sunday Mass

Church of St Peter & St Paul


16th April – 30th July 2017 inclusive


9.00 am Sunday Mass Ministers of the Word Ministers of the Eucharist
16th April

Easter Sunday

Brian Hazell Ann Dore  
Charles Gillott Michael Dore  
Peter Pascoe Colin Murphy  
23rd April

2nd Sunday of Easter

Jonathan Dore Stephen Wilson  
Mike Woulfe Mary Wilson  
Rachael Woulfe Sakina Harvey  
30th April

3rd Sunday of Easter

Monica Haley Jonathan Dore  
Paul Haley Rowena McCourt  
Kate Mehta Mike Woulfe  
7th May

4th Sunday of Easter


Kieron Flood Charles Gillott  
Rachael Flood Sharon Gillott  
Colin Murphy Ian McCourt  
14th May

5th Sunday of Easter


Ann Dore Chris Harvey  
Michael Dore Paulette Pascoe  
Debbie Flood Peter Pascoe  
21st May

6th Sunday of Easter


Maggie Hick Kieron Flood  
Moira Howey Ann Dore  
Christine Szczepanski Michael Dore  
28th May

The Ascension of The Lord

Michael Bennett Colin Murphy  
Rowena McCourt Stephen Wilson  
Nicola Assassa Mary Wilson  
4th June



Peter Pascoe Sakina Harvey  
Brian Hazell Jonathan Dore  
Karen House Rowena McCourt  
11th June

The Most Holy Trinity

Rachael Woulfe Mike Woulfe  
Jonathan Dore Ian McCourt  
Charles Gillott Chris Harvey  
18th June

Corpus Christi

Kate Mehta Charles Gillott  
Colin Murphy Sharon Gillott  
Mike Woulfe Kieron Flood  
25th June

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Rachael Flood Paulette Pascoe  
Monica Haley Peter Pascoe  
Paul Haley Sakina Harvey  
2nd July

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ann Dore Stephen Wilson  
Kieron Flood Mary Wilson  
Michael Dore Colin Murphy  
9th July

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Debbie Flood Ann Dore  
Maggie Hick Michael Dore  
Christine Szczepanski Jonathan Dore  
16th July

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nicola Assassa Rowena McCourt  
Michael Bennett Mike Woulfe  
Moira Howey Ian McCourt  
23rd July

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Karen House Chris Harvey  
Peter Pascoe Charles Gillott  
Rowena McCourt Sharon Gillott  
30th July

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Charles Gillott Kieron Flood  
Rachael Woulfe Paulette Pascoe  
Brian Hazell Peter Pascoe