Minutes from Meeting held on 24 May 2017


Parish of St Peter and St Paul, Wakefield

Parish Pastoral Council


Opening prayers were led by Fr Simon.

Fr Simon thanked the PPC members for all they had done in the last few months. He then introduced two new members, Gemma and Richard, who both give a lot of support to the parish in various ways. Fr Simon explained that the post of vice-chair has proved to be superfluous and thanked Ian for the good work he has done as a PPC member and continues to do as MC. Fr Simon also thanked Vicky, at this her last meeting as Chair of the PPC, for all her work as Chair and in other ways and for facilitating such a smooth transition between parish priest appointments.  He also thanked her for all the many contributions of herself and her family to parish life.  He wished Vicky’s husband, John, well in his new headship in Doncaster.



The minutes from the last meeting held on 6 February 2017 were agreed as a true record.



The new signs have been put up and are proving to be popular with parishioners.



 Simon Shires was duly elected as the new Chair, unopposed.

The Constitution has been slimmed down, deleting the vice – chair post, however Ian will continue to carry on until his two years’ service is complete.

Vicky as outgoing Chair said a few words – she expressed how much of a privilege it had been to serve as Chair, how we as a parish have been blessed with forward thinking and dedicated clergy and the collected talents of the wider parish make it a lovely community to be part of. Vicky wished Simon well in his role as Chair.




FINANCE: Sharon was unable to come to the meeting but sent the following report:

  • The Finance Committee met on 24 April and approved the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2017 which have now been submitted to the Diocese for audit. The accounts showed Receipts to 31 March 2017 of £132,851 and expenditure (excluding capital expenditure) of £127,182. Capital expenditure relating to the Chapel refurbishment amounted to £11,075. Thus, there was a deficit of expenditure over income in the year of £5,406.
  • The Finance committee also approved the budget for 2017/18 which has also been submitted to the Diocese. The budget anticipates a ‘break-even’ position for 2017/18 where our expenditure will equal income of £128,915.
  • David Rix has now taken over the preparation of the quarterly accounts for the Finance Committee and Sharon Gillott has become GAD administrator
  • The GAD claim for 2016/17 has been submitted to the Diocese who will process it and submit it to HMRC.
  • The Finance committee will meet again on 24 July.

The PPC members agreed that the money for the Chapel refurb has been well spent and it looks lovely.

Fr Simon expressed on the parish’s behalf our thanks to Sharon for all her hard work in running the parish finances over the years.


LITURGY & SPIRITUALITY:  Fr Simon gave the following feedback:

  • The Ampleforth retreat went very well and received good feedback from those who went. He is looking to plan another retreat later in the year to the Briery in Ilkley. It has also been suggested that a Day of Recollection be held in the parish for those unable to get away, which will look at incorporating Liturgy, a Speaker and some quiet time for reflection.
  • Christingle – Debbie and Kieron did a great job. We do however need to look for someone to take this over. Feelers will be put out in September.
  • Bereavement Support – Fr Simon has given a talk on grief issues to the SVP and Teresa and Angela have set up a group, which meets monthly and is going well.
  • Growing Old Gracefully – talks were held on a Wednesday, which was an ideal time for this age group, with approx. 25-30 attending. CaFE resources were used, which were well received. Will look at doing another course in the same slot in the Autumn for anyone to attend, not just aimed at over 60’s, and if there is enough interest repeating the session on a Sunday at 6pm.
  • Catechesis: First Sacraments – everyone speaks very highly of Colleen and Katie and the way they run the course. Colleen reported that there are 17 children, a lovely group, between the ages of 7 and 12. Because of the large age gap they have had to adapt the programme from other years, so this has been more demanding. First Communion takes place on Sunday, 25 June.

Confirmation – This is the first year that Gemma, Daniel and Jess have led the course but they worked very well together, having new materials and combined ages to deal with, the course went extremely well and has now finished. There are 15 candidates to be confirmed on 4 June. Thanks go to them for all their hard work.

Baptism – steady stream. Kevin Flood would like us to forge greater links with the school and has asked us to give letters to parents at the Baptism courses giving them information about the school. The choir will be singing at the St Peter & Paul’s Mass.

  • Justice & Peace Group – led the Lenten talks and they have visited Urban House.
  • Musical meditations, led by Christine, also went very well.
  • Lent & Easter – Looking at changing the Altar of Repose on Maundy Thursday to the Parish Centre. Fr Simon expressed his thanks to everyone who had made Easter such a great success again this year.
  • Blessing of Pets – following last year’s successful service, this is to be held again, on 9 July.
  • Summer Masses – a suggestion had been put forward to have just one Sunday Mass during Summer. Fr Simon has rejected this as he thinks it might prove very confusing, especially those who visit the parish occasionally and wouldn’t be aware of such temporary changes. However, he did stress that, like any parish, we must give serious thought in future to combining the two Sunday Masses into one if attendance at both doesn’t increase.  Whilst one Sunday Mass might engender less space in the car park, at the same time it would reduce the traffic problems ‘twixt Masses which are currently experienced. On this note Fr Simon has received a letter of apology from the Rugby Club, with an offer of a £50 donation for the Youth Council, following the problems encountered with the car park on their festival day in March. However, by seeking to be accommodated in our carpark at the same event next year, they seem to have missed the point. Fr Simon will get back in touch with them to explain.


SOCIAL: Colleen reported that since the last meeting:

  • St Pat’s night had taken place and been a great success.
  • Craft Fair – £425 had been raised for the parish, a good income for the investment given. Thanks to all who helped to set up, the catering team and raffle. Sue asked to put a note in the bulletin.
  • The 40’s night has been postponed until later in the year.
  • Preparations for the Jubilee – two groups have been set up. The Social group have met to discuss the logistics and will meet again on 19 June with the Liturgy/Spiritual group to draw all plans together for the evening. The booklet has been approved by the Bishop and is ready to print. The Confirmation group will meet the Bishop, although the timing of this has yet to be decided. The ‘social’ will take place in the hall and will be very informal, no seating and Prosecco & orange and canapes, suitable for adults and children will be served. All three entrances will be used and hopefully the weather will be fine enough for us to spill out into the garden. The Social group will meet again on 19 June at 6.30pm to discuss programme of events from September – December. Operation Christmas Child is on 19 November and the Christmas Fayre will be held on Saturday, 2 December.


YOUTH: Ian reported there is no change to the number of altar servers, 16 in total. There will be a big push made to encourage the first communion children to become altar servers.

Karen reported that the Youth Council had been set up since the last meeting, it was still early days but there was a core group, made up of more boys than girls. There have been two events held, the last one being a Games Evening last Sunday, which was hugely successful; about 27 young people, aged 10-16 attended, the most so far for any youth event. They mixed well, having different activities went down well and there was a BBQ – all seemed to enjoy. Approx. 20 wanted Hoodies, which will be partly funded by the parish and a pin badge, designed by Esther A, has been ordered. The question of taking photos had come up and it was agreed to change the consent form for next time to reflect this.

Easter crafts had been quieter than previous years, possibly due to the timing and lack of advertising.

Easter Egg Hunt – went very well.

Youth Corner – being well used and the fridge and honesty box working well. The sofas came from the SVP.


SAFEGUARDING: Mary reported that her and Mike had completed the mandatory training and the renewing of everyone’s DBS was ongoing. All Catechists have been done and anyone working directly with children and vulnerable adults have been prioritised. All the SVP have been processed and have advanced clearance. Some Eucharistic Ministers have decided to take this opportunity not to renew their certificates and to stand down from this role after many years’ service – a big thanks to all these.

Need to look at clearance for the Youth group co-ordinators if they have not got this. Karen will discuss this at the next meeting.


MUSIC: Christine reported that the main activity for musicians had been the Easter Triduum – everyone agreed how great the music had been. Christine expressed her gratitude to Daniel for stepping in for her as she was ill. The musicians are always happy to review the musical provision and following feedback, there will be some tweaking done for next year.

There will be a practice for all musicians for St Peter & Paul’s on 5 June – all on track for this.

9am Mass choir, consisting of a group of younger girls, continues to go well.

5pm Mass is now using the same settings as Sunday Masses.


DIARY DATES: There was nothing else to mention that had not been covered during the meeting.



A discussion took place on what the group thought were the best ways in which to provide pastorally for the needs of families within the parish. It was agreed to set up a working party to discuss ‘Family Ministry’ and Colleen, Karen and Fr Simon will meet separately to discuss this further. In the short term Vicky will provide resources on a weekly basis for our younger children to keep them occupied during Mass.


Next Meeting

The AGM will be held on Tuesday, 18 July after Mass at 7.30pm.

Reports from parish groups will be required by 10 July.

The next PPC meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday, 25 September in the Parish Centre.


Closing Prayer

The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.