Parish Mission Statement


To improve the spiritual engagement of our people by

  • Providing support, training and resources to existing catechetical and prayer groups
  • Finding new ways to engage people in sharing their faith
  • Exploring spirituality in a creative way
  • Increasing the number of parishioners exercising ministries in the Parish
  • Ensuring that the housebound, elderly and sick of the Parish are catered for.

To improve the engagement of our youth and children by

  • Recognising that our youth and children are the future of the Church
  • Providing the support, encouragement and freedom to allow them to explore, discuss and grow in their faith
  • Challenging them to explore and use the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit
  • Encouraging them to be proactive in their faith journey and Parish life
  • Fostering in them a sense of belonging to the Parish community.

To improve the range of our social activities by

  • Providing regular and creative social opportunities for parishioners to meet, build community and strengthen their sense of belonging
  • Encouraging and welcoming new parishioners and those who may feel excluded.

To improve communication by

  • Aiming to inform, educate, support and promote the development of the Parish community
  • Increasing the level of awareness of Parish activities
  • Enabling information to be accessed in different ways, in particular using new media where appropriate
  • Ensuring that contact details for Parish groups, organisations and co-ordinators are readily available
  • Improving communication between Parish groups.