Century Club

“The Century Club raises “extra funds” to support the liturgy and activities of the parish. In the past it has paid for furniture in the Parish Centre, for a new organ for the Church and it made a contribution to the cost of new lighting. It raises about £2000 every year, to enhance parish life.

Membership is not limited to 100 but in recent years it has remained around 80 or 90. From time to time members move on and so we are always keen to see new members join.

All you have to do to join is to commit to pay £5 per month for membership. In return you will be allocated a number. Every month all members’ numbers are entered in a prize draw. There are three monthly prizes: £100, £50 and £30. Every year there is a Grand Draw for a first prize of £1000, with five consolation prizes of £50. Every number is in the draw for each prize.

If you would like to join, contact Charles Gillott on 250092, or email the parish office at mail@peterpaul.org.uk or ask Fr Nigel.”