“The Parish takes very seriously its duty to protect from abuse all children, young people and vulnerable adults engaged in any kind of parish activity.

With this in mind the policies and procedures related to Safeguarding promulgated by the Bishops of England and Wales and adopted by the Diocese of Leeds have been put into practice by the Parish.

This means that all volunteers undertaking a wide range of duties within the Parish, through which they may come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, must comply with formal recruitment procedures involving interview, references, self declarations and clearance by the Disclosure and Barring Service, before being appointed to any relevant position within the Parish.

The Parish has appointed two Safeguarding Representatives, Mike Kenny and Mary Swatridge, whose duty is to ensure that all the policies and procedures mentioned above are effectively adopted and monitored. They can be contacted through either the parish office telephone number or e-mail address and anyone with concerns about safeguarding issues should get in touch with them.”